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www.royaltrans.ro uses various technologies (cookies) to collect, store and process information when accessing this site. Cookie (“cookie browser” or “HTTP cookie”) is a small file of letters and numbers that is stored on any terminal with internet access (computer, mobile phone, tablet etc.) and is installed by request “Cookies” do not contain software, viruses, or spyware, and can not access the information on the user’s hard drive. Cookies do not require personal information and do not personally identify Internet users. By browsing this site, you agree to the use of cookies.

Cookies used

The site www.royaltrans.ro uses two types of cookies: per session and fixed. Fixed cookies are files that remain on the user’s terminal until they are manually erased by the user or expire the period set in the parameters.
Session cookies are temporary files that remain on the user’s terminal until the session expires or the browser is closed.

Performance cookies

This type of Cookie does not collect data about you, it is used to collect information about how to use the site, the most commonly used pages, etc.

Cookies for visitor analysis

It allows monitoring of unique users who visit us and how often they do it. As long as you are not registered on this site, this cookie can not be used to identify individuals, they are only used for statistical purposes.

What type of information is stored and accessed through cookies?

Cookies keep information in a small text file that allows a website to recognize a browser.
The Webserver will recognize the browser until the cookie expires or is deleted. The cookie stores important information that enhances Internet browsing experience (e.g., language settings to access a site, keeping a logged user, etc.)